It’s a Great Time to be a Member!

If you are a full-time or part-time musician, it is to your advantage to belong to the only organization that truly represents the interests of musicians and performers. For a detailed explanation of the numerous benefits and services Local 101-473 and the AFM have to offer the professional musician, please read the Membership Benefits page. Once again, thank you for your interest, and we look forward to the opportunity to support you!

Membership Rates

Regular Dues if Paid Annually: $128.00
Regular Dues if Paid Quarterly: $36.50

Life Membership Dues if Paid Annually: $93.00

Youth/Student Dues: $36.50 Quarterly (No Initiation Fees)
Local Initiation Fee (one-time): $25.00
Federation Initiation Fee (one-time): $65.00