January 1, 2024

HAPPY NEW YEAR Local 101-473 Membership. Hoping your Holidays were the best ever. 1st quarter General Membership Meeting will be held on January 17, 2024 at 6 pm and Executive Board meeting at 4:30 p.m.  Masks will be required and  Social Distancing observed.  ***Nominations for new officers for 2025-2027 will be held at our April 17, 2024 General Membership Meeting.  All positions (President/Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President and five Executive Board positions) will be open. To be eligible for nomination, a member must have been a full member of Local 101-473 for at least two (2) years preceding the nomination   meeting.  Members interested in being nominated must file a petition signed by 10 members in Good Standing.  Petition forms can be picked up at office or will be mailed upon request.  Signed petitions must be filed with the Secretary Treasurer by June 15, 2024.  Election will take place on October 7, 2024.  Please check our website for updates. *** The MPTF will fund performances again for 2024 Jazz Appreciation Month and Juneteenth Celebrations.  Contact office for more details.


1st Quarter dues 2024 (36.50] and Annual Dues ($128.00) are due by January 31st in order to avoid late fee ($10.00).  All dues (life/Regular) remain the same as last year. No increase.


Castrucci, Molly (cello)-718 Dee St. Cincin, OH 45234- (216)

Winters, Antowine (bassoon/clarinet)—4711 Judith Drive -Kettering OH 45429 (937) 671-3914

REINSTATED—Culley.Miriam—-  EXPELLED—Manley, William


Fan, Zeng—1492 Highbrook Drive—Cincinnati, OH 45204

Hung, Jessica—267 Timber Drive—Gamer, NC 57529

Markey ,Celeste—5 Parkland Place #2—Cincinnati, OH 45217

Remember: U are the Union.  Take Care.  Be Safe.  Enjoy the New Year.